TRAI New Rule For DTH From Feb 1: Channel List, Pricing

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TRAI New Rule For DTH From Feb 1

DTH associate degreed cable operators had a superiority decide. The prices that a TV viewer had to incur through a month or a year. If you’re obtaining the annual package.

However, from Feb 1, 2019, it’s getting to the amendment as a result of new DTH rules are returning impact. Which will let TV users in the India country, pick, opt for and purchase channels they require to look at.

TRAI New Rule For DTH From Feb 1

Usually, the DTH service suppliers designed channel packs in such the simplest way. That the patron had to obtain those channels that they really don’t watch. This technique puts the viewers at an obstacle. Subscribers pay for those other regional language channels which they don’t want to watch.

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has set to shake up the prevailing system. And modify it during a manner that favors the customers. Hence, TRAI’s new rules for DTH came into impact from December 29, 2018, and every one service suppliers have a point till Jan 31, 2019, to fulfill them.

The new rules aim to supply a fairer situation for customers of DTH and cable connections. The rules mandate that buyers can pay just for the channels that they require. To envision and no need to pay for some unwanted channels.

To boot, the valuation is going to be unbroken beneath check by the broadcasters. That interprets to honest valuation for all. there is conjointly a base worth that buyers ought to pay. So as to get pleasure from their service without any interpretation.

Note If you’re not capable to know the new changes, we’ve simplified it for you to know the new rules higher.

TRAI’s New Rules And Regulations —

TRAI New Rule For DTH From Feb 1
  • The new system focuses fully on giving a good valuation model for each the shoppers and also the broadcasters. The service suppliers currently have to be compelled to adjust to the wants of each other parties.
  • Below the new system shoppers has to pay for a basic quantity for a hundred Standard Definition (SD) channels.
  • The bottom pack can value most of Rs 130/- and taxes and can embrace all the Free-To-Air channels. However do note that this is often the most value which will be charged for the bottom pack, which is able to have Free-To-Air channels.
  • The particular value is probably going to be lower as a result of DTH service suppliers like Airtel Dish TV et al can vie. For a constant reason.
  • Airtel and Hathway have already proclaimed a replacement base value for100 Free-To-Air channels and it prices Rs 99/- and taxes.

Changes Takes Effect From Feb 1

  • Apart from the base pack, consumers will also get an option to subscribe to a different pack that DTH service providers will prepare to target different segments.
  • For example, Tata Sky has a Rs 560 plus taxes plan called Ultra that will give users access to 261 HD and SD channels, including channels that are not Free-To-Air.
  • Similar packs are also offered by other DTH providers like Airtel and DishTV. This in a way is going to be similar to the channel packs that you get right now, and depending on the competition.
  • The most significant part of the new DHT rules from TRAI that come into effect from February 1 is the a la carte rule. This is where the fun is. What TRAI is doing is that it is asking DTH service providers to unbundle everything and let TV users create their own channel packs, whether that pack has two channels or whether it has a thousand.
  • Of course, you will have to pay for most of these channels. The price may start as low as Rs 5 and may go as high as Rs 60 for premium HD channels.
  • but you will be able to choose only the channels that you watch. For example, if you only watch sports then you can choose a couple of HD sports channel and be done with it. How much you will pay will depend on what you are choosing.
  • In some cases, you may see you TV bill coming down after February 1 compared to what you pay right now, in some other cases it may go up.
  • This is the reason why TRAI says: “It is time to exercise your option for TV channels. You can reduce your monthly bill by carefully choosing the channels of your choice. Contact your TV service provider.”

The new DTH rules have some more provisions

  • TRAI says that users will have the choice to either rent the set-top Box from DTH service provider or they can buy their own set-top box. This is similar to the choice you have while getting a new broadband connection.
  • The new DTH rules say that service providers will have to offer channel information packs, price etc. On one of the channels, preferably on 999.
  • TRAI also says that DTH companies will have to resolve problems quickly. “If a TV connection is faulty then there is a provision of Call Centre. If the connection is not restored in 72 hours, then you do not have to pay,” notes TRAI.

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