POCO F1 Buy Or Not With Pros And Cons

POCO F1 Buy Or Not

Hey Did You Really Want To Buy POCO F1? If yes then why what are the pros and cons. In this article we’ll discus for POCO F1 Buy Or Not. And I have all your QNA’s about this smartphone. So let’s see what I have for you…

POCO F1 Pros:

  • The main attract is the processor. POCO F1 has Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 Octa-core @ 2.8GHz
  • Coming with good GPU Adreno 630
  • The brand new feature Liquid Cooling Technology. Which prevent to make mobile too hot
  • Has 6GB and 8GB RAM variant
  • 64/128/256GB Internal storage memory
  • MicroSD card support up to 256GB. Load everything that you want in your phone
  • At last these all awesome features are gifted you at only 20,000 INR in India. Which is a great option to buy POCO F1
POCO F1 Buy Or Not
Let’s See Pros & Cons Of POCO F1

POCO F1 Cons:

  • If accidentally your phone scratched it make too ugly to see it until you repair it
  • Coming with the plastic body which makes it look like a cheap smartphone
  • Plastic body can be easily damaged if you dropped
  • Doesn’t has a great back finish like any other metal or glass body smartphone in this range
  • A big size unnecessary notch. Alway makes disturb while watching a photo or video
  • No better clarity display in this price range. Like others has OLED and AMOLED
  • L1 DRM not suported. You can’t play HD videos on Netflix or Amazon Prime

POCO F1 Buy Or Not “3 Quick Tips”

POCO F1 Buy Or Not
Some Quick Tips Of POCO F1 Should You Buy Or Not

Let’s discus about other major Pros and Cons about the POCO F1 smartphone.

1.Screen Bleeding: Yes, POCO F1 has Screen Bleeding issues with the display. Like thousands of user of POCO F1 raised their issue and concern about this issue.#

Some YouTuber’s are reviewed this smartphone and conform that POCO F1 has Screen Bleeding issue. And told that it doesn’t affect the user experience. Let’s see in the future…

2.Built Quality: OK so now you buy the POCO F1 and shows to your friends and family and they ignored. Cause POCO F1 doesn’t feel like a premium smartphone in this budget.

3. ADS: You and I know that ads are really annoying in a smartphone while your’e doing an important work. But in the case of POCO F1 there are tons of ton ads appears every-time you go to file manager or cleaner etc.


POCO F1 Buy Or Not?

In my opinion POCO is built for “SPEED” the main focus is to performance. So if you need a good performance phone then POCO is a great choice.

And if you are searching for good glossy and metal designed smartphone for showing off the, you can go for Oppo or Vivo.

What Is The Price Of POCO F1 In India?

The starting price of POCO F1 is 20K (20,000/- INR) in India.

Is It Worth To Buy POCO F1?

Yes, it worth’s no one give you a better optimized smartphone and powerful processor in this price range.

Which Is The Best Color In POCO F1?

The “Rosso Red” one is the most popular and attractive color of POCO F1.

POCO F1 Or OnePlus 6?

You can compare these two smartphone by Googling it on the web.

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Cheers —Kunu KD

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