How To Make A Website In WordPress For Beginners

How To Make A Website In WordPress For Beginners

Making a website is not too much easy, as like making a toy. After reading this article you have at least 60% idea out of 100% for making a website. Before we start if you have a simple knowledge of building a website you can continue if you don’t you can quit.

So — What Is A Website? How To Make A Website? How To Make Money From That?

I know these questions are ruining your mind, take a chill pill. I solve it

What Is A Website?

How To Make A Website In WordPress For Beginners

The website is a kind of thing that shows some visual contents from the internet to your screen. A developer developed their site and stores on the internet which you can access for your need. It like an Image, Text, Audio or something.

A website has an address like ( that called Domain. And it has some files like images, text. These are stored on a server that called Hosting.

1. How To Get My Own Domain?

You can go for Google and search —Domain Purchase.

How To Make A Website In WordPress For Beginners

Click the GoDaddy link. You can go for any other but I suggest to register your domain on GoDaddy it is simple and easy to configure.

How To Make A Website In WordPress For Beginners

Search your desired domain name and add to cart. Fill up your information check out the purchase and that’s it done now you have to own your domain name.

2. How To Get Hosting?

Do same like “Step-1” go for Google search “Hosting Provider” click any provider you like. Select your plan for beginners, I prefer shared hosting (You can upgrade your plan after getting more visitors). Checkout the purchase and that’s it done now you have your own storage place for storing your website contents.

Ok, Now you have your own Domain Name and Hosting Server. Now let’s connect our domain with hosting – After purchasing the hosting you will get an email which has Nameservers like ( Copy these nameservers and put these on your Domain Provider: Settings》DNS Settings》Nameservers

Done! Now we have connected our Domain to Hosting.

3. How To Make A Website?

Ah! that’s a common question, There are thousands of platforms where you can build your website by drag and drop. Like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Wix…..

I know you thinking that most of the websites are build with coding, but that’s not true. Because 52% of websites are powered by WordPress globally. You can also code your website but before doing this read these cons of coding a site. I prefer to build your website with WordPress. No need to code just drag and drop.

Coding Cons —

  • Takes too much times and hours to code.
  • One line of coding can destroy your site.
  • Unexpected size, Large text and hateful styles
  • Have to learn for HTML, CSS, Java can take 6-9 month.

Ok! Now you have some ideas why I’m telling about WordPress CMS. It makes easier to building a powerful website. Let’s install WordPress.

4. Installing CMS On cPanel

Open your hosting providers cPanel login your id (All details about cPanel are in your mail). Go to Auto Installer section. Install WordPress

How To Make A Website In WordPress For Beginners

Now open your site by typing your domain name on address bar. Wait! you don’t see anything? Chill Chill here comes the twist —First design your website by doing these below steps.

5. Designing Of Website

How To Make A Website In WordPress For Beginners

Now in this step, your creative mind will be used. Steps to making your website perfect.

  • Choosing a beautiful theme. Remember see the description of theme that it does support responsive or not.
  • Text size, color, width.
  • Your website primary color.
  • customizing header, menu, footer, sidebars.

After that you need to add some quick pages– About us, Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions, Contact us, Blogs, Disclaimer etc. That makes your website more perfect.

We skipped— How To Make Money From A Website? question, Because till now spend your time on making the website, follow these guidelines we will discuss it in the next article.

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Cheers —Kunu KD