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The Internet is slowly growing. And all the web developers or Busines like to see their website in the top 10. With the help of this plugin Amp For Wp –  Accelerated Mobile Pages, you increase the chances of seeing your website at the top.

Basically, Amp for Wp Plugin shows your website to users in the Lightweight version by compressing the themes and layouts of your website. And deliver a faster mobile user experience with no changes to your content and images.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) discovered by Google and Partners. Used to speed up the website and load faster than your own designed page. Access any webpage significantly faster on mobile devices and tablets, by using customized HTML code that saves more time for loading web content.

Why AMP Developed?

amp for wp

Google knows that visitors are the king that’s why Google wants that every page in the search results is load faster for better user experience. For that reason, Google and some Partners developed AMP.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) built with deep collaboration with thousands of developers, Publishers, Websites and Tech Companies like Google and others. For more information, you can visit their official page Official AMP For WP.

You can find AMP Projects in many CMS like WordPress. If your website has some great content and blogs and your website loads slower. Takes a long time to load, it doesn’t matter how our website looks and themes but always keep in mind that visitor is also the king.

Then there is the work of AMP it makes a simple look at your website in HTML. And the data will be in 50-100 KB only and loads faster whereas your server is slow to respond.

AMP For WP Installation In WordPress

amp for WP plugin WordPress

For the installation of AMP in WordPress follow these terms and steps for proper implementation of AMP. First of all login to your admin Dashboard in your WordPress site. Navigate to add new plugin and then search for “amp” and install Amp For WP – Accelerated Mobile Pages for more see the below image.

Amp For WP WordPress Plugin Install

After successful installation and activation of AMP plugin, head over to your amp page (eg. you can see how your website looks in the AMP version. It’s a pretty decent and classic style look whereas you using a stylish theme.

You can change the text color and header settings right from there. Also, choose your background colors and link color then click save changes.

Now you can visit any of your blog pages to see live looks of AMP version. For do that add /amp/ after your blog URL. Here is an example of my site —


While providing a faster experience for mobile users and web searchers, AMP For WP encourages publishers to add more blogs and articles to their sites. At the same time, you can generate revenues from your AMP blogs by using some extra plugins and add-ons. Also, there are many plugins to customize your AMP pages like the logo, header & footer widgets, social icons, etc. Make sure to validate your AMP pages after installing any plugins and add-ons.

I hope this article will to help you to increase your website speed and SEO. The process of installing Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) plugin on your WordPress site.

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