What Is WhatsApp Gold? Massage: It Can Be Harmful

What Is WhatsApp Gold?

Did you get the Whatsapp Gold Update Massage? if not then you will receive it in future. Before knowing about this message or the link don’t open this or share with anybody. That it is not a Whatsapp update message, there is a virus in the form of a message.

What To Do With What Is WhatsApp Gold?

Do not open it by mistake. If you open it, then a website opens up directly in your browser. This website contains countless viruses, which are corrupted by malware. They steal your messages and other private data. Even the information related to your banking can be broken. Such messages were also very viral between 2017-18.

What They Actually Send

What Is WhatsApp Gold

In the message, Whatsapp is said to be an upgraded version of Whatsapp. It is said that if you download this by clicking on this link you can send 100 photos at a time. You will also find many new emoji stickers. But in reality, as soon as you open this link, the virus starts bumping into your phone.

Many users say they have received messages related to Whatsapp Gold. The beginning of this message begins with a warning called a video called Martinelli. It is said that this video will come to your mobile tomorrow and hack your phone. The message says, ‘forward it to others, but actually, there is nothing like Martinelli video. This Whatsapp is a part of the process of sending a gold virus.


So if you got that virus and by mistake clicks it then, first switch off your phone for 5 min. After switching on report it on WhatsApp report spam section. I really don’t face this problem and also my WhatsApp no is public on my website. The last thing is to keep an antivirus for your phone to protect your privacy from hackers. So you learned something about What Is WhatsApp Gold?

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