What Is Web Designing And Web Development

What Is Web Designing And Web Development

What is the different between Web Design and Web Developer, which one is better to fit for you let’s figure it out. When you fits your mind to enter to this platform and you don’t have an idea which one to choose.

Web Designer would be the person who design the websites front end. Refers to both the creation of the aesthetic portion of the website and it’s usability. And how the website will be look the interior exterior all the stuffs.

The Web Developer would be responsible for all of the those internal components and all the other parts of the website. You don’t even realize you are using when you are using it that’s a web developer makes the website to functional.

Web Development is the practice of producing HTML, CSS and JavaScript for a website or Web application sot that a user can see and interact with them directly.

And of course that’s two different things is the main part of building a powerful or a simple website. Why not you join, here is the explanation of the two different choice you have.

Web Designing

What Is Web Designing And Web Development

Web Design is the process of creating a visual imagination of how your website will be look. It might be Images, Animations, Font Style, Colors etc. Which is the front-end design of website, and it encompasses the several different types of aspects.

That can be too easy by using a CMS where you can automatically adjust your Layouts, Graphics Elements, Padding. Like an example of WordPress here I write a post about this.

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Most of web designers include a combination of HTML and CSS to make it more responsive on different browsers. That makes the website to run perfectly on any mobile or computer devices.

A Web Designer plans for the visual creation of the website and updating it to day-by-day. And also it involves the information of website structure, user interface, the navigation system, website icons, and others.

2. Web Development

What Is Web Designing And Web Development

Basically “Web Development” refers to the main non-designing elements of building a website. Web developer is responsible for the inside parts of the website. It could be PHP, Ruby On Rails, Asp.net, Perl, JavaScript, Python, and everything which make the website to perform.

There is two different format of Web Development which is the most important part of the process —

  • Front-end [client-side development]
  • Back-end [server-side development]

When a user visit a website and the process of loading the components of website inside the browser software is called front-end development.

And the back-end process is standing the website with server side components like —

  • Installing CMS And Plugins
  • Creating Database
  • Coding Scripts
  • Server Management
  • Updating With PHP, Perl, Java
  • DNS


I know after reading this two different types of job your mind must be puzzled. just remember that— you don’t have to choose to be a Web Developer or Web Designer. Yo can be both a “Web Developer” or be a “Web Designer” it’s you to choose, which one you can do better.

This two different jobs are not too hard, you can also be a professional. Go for a online course or join any of these coaching nearest to you and move your step into this world. I swear you can earn millions of money with this, just think which one fits you perfect.

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