What Is Backlink? SEO Guides Learn Now

What Is Backlink? SEO Guides Learn Now

Hey, guys welcome to another blog post. In this article, we will figure out the basic educations for the backlink. I know you searched for What Is Backlink? SEO Guides or any other related article and enter to this post. So you are a blogger then, I will show you some frequently asked question about backlink.

  • What Is Backlink?
  • What Is Mean Of Backlink?
  • How Does A Backlink Work?
  • Why Backlink Is Important?
  • Do-Follow vs No-Follow

What Is Backlink?

What Is Backlink? SEO Guides Learn Now

A backlink is a simple format like any other link. which links come from other website pages or posts to your website’s pages or posts URL that called backlinks.

Backlinks are usually named as arriving links or incoming links. On the opposite hand, the links that you just produce pointing towards different pages are known as outgoing links. Incoming links for your website are outgoing links for the opposite website and contrariwise.

What Is Mean Of Backlink?

Beginners SEO What Is Backlink

As you guys can see this image we just got a backlink from the WordPress official site that’s a good thing. A simple thing, this link is an outgoing link for WordPress website but an incoming link for our website. Cause the WordPress website give us a link juice, they referred their user to our site.

How Does A Backlink Work?

Backlinks are referred to as hyperlinks. They include text or image referred to as anchor text and anchor image severally. Those anchor components represent the text or image you click on it can send you over to a different web site. Here is an example of anchor text —

Beginners SEO What Is Backlink

Also, you can give anyone website a backlink by inserting a link on your web page or posts. Many CMS like WordPress allows us to create a link by a single click.

Beginners SEO What Is Backlink

Why Backlink Is Important?

Nowadays Google and other search engines are much faster than before. There are over 200+ factors to rank a single website. And backlink is one of them, in my opinion, a backlink is the most important factor for ranking a web page.

In the beginning, search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex) others used to rank a website on the keyword count on an article. If you repeat a keyword in your article more than your competitor’s website, you can rank higher of them.

So backlink the most important factor for a website, remember the more you have backlink the more you get domain authority. And today search engines put a big focus on your backlinks, that’s why backlink is important.

Do-Follow vs No-Follow Backlinks

Dofollow: While you are writing an article on your website and you find another article on another website, that relevant to your topic. Then you insert their page URL in your article that called a Do-Follow backlink.

Ex: <a href=”http://www.kunukd.com”>This is a DoFollow Link </a>

You don’t have to put any additional attribution to your link to create a Do-Follow backlink. A single click on many CMS platforms can create your backlink.

No-Follow: The No-Follow HTML tag is totally different from Do-Follow links. Imagine you are writing an article for a big website which has 80-90 DA, and linking to a smaller page that’s not important but want to create a link.

In this case, inserting a little attribution to your link rel=”nofollow” can tell search engines, that web-page you won’t trust and don’t count this link for ranking factor. Then search engine don’t pass your website value or trust to that page (Link Juice)

Ex: <a href=”http://www.kunukd.com” rel=”nofollow”>This is a NoFollow Link </a>

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What Is Backlink?

A backlink is a simple link that transfers users to a website to another website by a URL.

What Is Do-Follow Backlink?

Do-Follow backlink transfer users, along with them transfer some trust of your website o another website.

What Is No-Follow Backlink?

It transfers users but won’t give trust from your website to another.

Is That Good For SEO?

Yes, the backlink is the main factor for ranking a website in search results (SERP)

Is That Illegal?

No, it’s a simple link depend on you where you transferring your traffic.

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