Top 5 Category To Choose For YouTube Videos

Top 5 Category To Choose For YouTube Videos

Hey guys welcome to another interesting article, today I will show you “Top 5 Category To Choose For YouTube Videos”. Now-a-days every smartphone users watches tons of ton videos daily. Because YouTube is the single app in Android and iOS platform which give you more entertainment.

And the thing is, the videos you are watching that must shows you some ads. The video creator monetize their videos, if anyone click the ad or watch it then the creator will be get paid.

Every-time peoples are searching, how to make money from YouTube? that’s a common question. Then if you upload videos to YouTube and thinking all time about which category should I choose? take a chill pill why I’m sitting there.

So let’s continue to my favorite categories of YouTube videos. I’m damn sure you guys like it —

1. Gaming Live Stream

Top 5 Category To Choose For YouTube Videos

Before I’ll discus about this category there are some requirements for streaming on YouTube.

  • Powerful Computer (4GB+ RAM, 2GB Graphics, 1TB HDD)
  • Strong And Speed Internet Connection (10MB/s +)
  • Face Cam (Optional)
  • Microphone (Must Need)
  • OBS Software And A YouTube Channel

You must have these 5 requirements to stream on YouTube without any lag.

So here is a question — Do You Love Playing Games?

If yes then you can proceed, because YouTube is the best platform for streaming games. And this category is quite famous and trending now.

Peoples are really like this category, and the main thing is you can upload videos regarding questions. Every person who play games like a noob, they will be must search for How To Complete This Level? and How To Kill Enemy?.

While doing the live stream you can earn extra money by Superchat and a new feature Membership.

2. “How To” Explain

Top 5 Category To Choose For YouTube Videos

This is a very common thing on the internet most of people find their questions by inserting a simple word “How To”. It can also be about a simple How To Make Maggie? or about something bigger.

It’s a easy thing a little child can do this. All you need to do just find some big searchable questions answer. And answer these by creating a video and upload it to YouTube.

Top 5 Category To Choose For YouTube Videos
“How To” Category Trending Keyword Ideas

3. Vlog

Top 5 Category To Choose For YouTube Videos

Vlogging (Video Blogging) just about anyone can become a household name. Via uploading your daily lifestyle video to YouTube like about 10-20min long video.

Viewers are watching 1 billions of hours of content daily on YouTube than any TV Network.

Just watch other popular vloggers and do same like them, but add some extra interesting thing to your video. My recommendation is to follow all category vloggers to have some ideas about the trend.

If you want your vlog to be popular on YouTube you can follow these below steps for extra boost to your videos.

  • Watch Other Vloggers
  • Choose Your Theme [Daily Life, Bike Riding, Comedy or Funny]
  • Get Vlogging Setup Equipment [Camera, Tripod]
  • PC or Mobile For Editing
  • Lots Of Patient

4. Entertainment Or Comedy

Top 5 Category To Choose For YouTube Videos

Entertainment videos can be seen in trending sections. Like Songs, Albums, Web Series etc. And other Indian young creators are creating some awesome comedy videos.

And you guys can make news according to TV shows, Actors, Actress, and Movies updates.

The best thing is to do add interest based thumbnail, I don’t say for click-bait. Always be original don’t copy to others either you will get copyright strike.

Collab with other popular youtubers to drive traffic from their channel to your channel. Do some comedy videos with them and provide entertainment to viewers.

5. Tech Channel

Top 5 Category To Choose For YouTube Videos

Last but not least “Tech” category is very very popular right now in the industry. Jio has been changed the digital life of peoples in India. After Jio launched in India all small tech youtubers are suddenly grown to the higher position.

There is over 1Lac+ tech youtubers are still building their position on YouTube. And the competition on tech category becoming higher than higher. Here are some few ways for a tech channel.

Gadgets Unboxing & Review Videos

Unboxing Video means that you have to open a gadget box and tell you about something inside it. And this video category is quite famous and quite easy to do. Also, you can record tech videos without any makeup or having any talent.

The camera is needed for recording everything in the box. And to talk about it, there should be a fun way of talking about your own self, listening to people, listening to them and getting information to viewers about the product.

Just like we do unboxing, we can also review the product. Give complete information about the product. Also about its pros and cons in it. This is a very good category of videos that you can make.


Followed these few steps? I know that you guys are awesome. “YouTube is a platform that gives you the opportunity to be creative, play with your content and create your own community”. The more interactive your video the more traffic you get.

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If you find my article “Top 5 Category To Choose For YouTube Videos” useful, please share with your friends and family. Thanks for spending your valuable time and reading our article to the end.

Cheers —Kunu KD

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