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top 10 bloggers in india

Today, in this article, I will introduce you to Top 10 Bloggers In India. Which you can also call as the king of online. You definitely heard the name of these people somewhere on the internet.

Blogging is such a different world in which to just concentrate and earn money. This should be the tag line for blogging. Blogging is nothing without such. Everyone is in this field only and only for the purpose of earning money.

Along with earning money, Top 10 Bloggers In India convert themselves into a moving brand. Basically, people identify them from their website and there are many people who have made their name a brand.

I quickly give you some examples here it is. website name and the personal name is Pratik.

And you can notice one more thing that my name is Kunu KD and my website name I’m here also to make my self a brand.

Why Sharing This

Since most WordPress users are bloggers who write about many things. From technology to photography, travel, cooking and even “Blogging” tips for newbie beginner bloggers.

The reason why I share this list with you guys is to inspire all of the newbie bloggers. And every one beginner by other bloggers’ success stories.

They are making a huge amount of money just from home with thousands of useful words. Why not you guys can do this. This article just only for motivation.

The most important thing is that they do what they love most of them don’t need to work for others. They are becoming their own boss. they just do their hobby while making a lot of money out of it.

List Of Top 10 Bloggers In India

Below is a list of the top bloggers in India with their monthly income from website blogging.

Jitendra VaswaniBloggers Ideas$8,000
*Numbers are estimated

Top 10 Indian Bloggers

Here I’m sharing the Top 10 Bloggers In India list we calculate these levels of these bloggers with major stats of their income and their online brand building.

1. Amit Agarwal

Amit Agarwal Top 10 Bloggers In India

The first pro and famous Top 10 Bloggers In India named Amit Aggarwal. This man is the inspiration of all the new bloggers. Also, he shares his secret of success on his website occasionally.

Amit is the man behind the popular website Digital Inspiration ( and websites. And also, these two websites make thousands of dollars.

He holds an Engineering degree in computing. And worked for some known digital marketing companies before he turns into a full-time blogger.

  • Blogger Name: Amit Agrawal
  • Location: New Delhi, India.
  • Monthly Earning: $65,000 (Estimated)
  • Age: 41 years.
  • Blog/Website: / CTRLQ.ORG
  • Alexa Global rank:
    • 15,649
    • CTRLQ.ORG: 37,668
  • Rank in India:
    • 3,043
    • CTRLQ.ORG: 9,622

2. Harsh Agrawal

Harsh Agrawal Best Indian Blogger
  • Blogger Name: Harsh Agrawal
  • Location: New Delhi, India.
  • Monthly Earning: $52,434 (July 2017).
  • Age: 32 years.
  • Blog/Website:
  • Alexa Global rank: 18,204
  • Rank in India: 1,789

Harsh Agrawal is a well-known name in the online blogging field he is known for his famous blog ShoutMeLoud (SML). Harsh Agarwal started his blogging journey from 2008 when he introduced his first blog Shout Me Loud.

After 2 and 3 years, his website became a well-known blog in India. And Harsh went on to follow his passion and making money online. He was already fond of blogging and now he stands in the top ten Indian bloggers.

He writes about blogging, making money online from websites, WordPress Tips, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Social Media Marketing, and Web Hosting.

The main source of income from blogging is affiliate marketing, especially web hosting affiliate. And Semrush, A2 Hosting, Bluehost, etc. affiliate programs.

3. Faisal Farooqui

Faisal Farooqui
Image source:

Faisal Farooqui is the founder of Although MouthShut is not a blog it’s a portal, Faisal is one of the most popular Indian entrepreneurs. Also, he listed in the top 10 bloggers in India. is a consumer research-based web portal. you can read more about Faisal Farooqui in Wikipedia.

Farooqui is a technology entrepreneur. Farooqui is best known as the founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the website.

Also, Faisal among the Top Business People in India and was included in a list of Entrepreneurs who have created History.

  • Blogger Name: Faisal Farooqui
  • Location: USA & India.
  • Monthly Earning: $45,000 (Estimated).
  • Age: 38+
  • Blog/Website:
  • Alexa Global rank: 7,227
  • Rank in India: 556

4. Shradha Sharma

top 10 female bloggers in india Shradha Sharma

Shraddha is the only woman who is standing in the list of top 10 Indian bloggers. Shraddha is known from her website Her website is globally recognized by people and they like to read their articles.

Shraddha started website in early 2008. And slowly this website started becoming quite famous and popular in India. And boom! now she makes thousands of dollars from her website. website is intended to take interviews of the biggest Worldwide Entrepreneur, Bussiness Models, Leaders, Founders, CEO. And publish it on their website and has profiled 15,000+ entrepreneurs.

  • Blogger Name: Shradha Sharma
  • Location: from Patna, Bihar (works from Bangalore, India).
  • Monthly Earning: $33,000 (Estimated).
  • Age36 Years
  • Blog/Website:
  • Alexa Global rank: 9,210
  • Rank in India: 981

5. Varun Krishnan

Varun Krishnan Top Mobile Blogger In India

If you have ever Google to check the specs or features of any smartphone. Then you must have seen the website in the top 10 list.

He is an expert in the smartphone field and provides the best reviews through his website. And also, I’ve visited his website it is so minimalistic.

Varun Krishnan is the owner of India’s most popular mobile blog – Varun basically writes about smartphones, reviews, phone specifications, latest smartphone news, etc.

  • Blogger Name: Varun Krishnan
  • Location: Chennai, India.
  • Monthly Earning: $25,000 (Estimated).
  • Age33 yrs.
  • Blog/Website:
  • Alexa Global rank: 20,483
  • Rank in India: 2,365

6. Srinivas Tamada

Srinivas Tamada Top 10 Bloggers In India

Srinivas Tamada is that the Founder & CEO of the very fashionable programming blog – 9Lessons blog is all about programming, PHP, Ajax, and other web-design aspects.

  • Blogger Name: Srinivas Tamada
  • Location: Chennai, India (Currently lives in the U.S.).
  • Monthly Earning: $19,000 (Estimated).
  • Age28 yrs+
  • Blog/Website:
  • Alexa Global rank: 76,918
  • Rank in India: 11,746

7. Pritam Nagrale

  • Blogger Name: Pritam Nagrale
  • Location: Mumbai.
  • Monthly Earning: $19,000 (Estimated).
  • Age30 yrs+
  • Blog/Website: DMatic Digital & MoneyConnexion
  • Alexa Global rank: 85,085 (DMatic)
  • Rank in India: 6,047 (DMatic)
  • Alexa Global rank: 24,692 (MoneyConnexion)
  • Rank in India: 1,862 (MoneyConnexion)

Digital Marketing will be the most lucrative career in 2020. Pritam Nagrale the founder of DMatic Digital and MoneyConnexion.

He has been doing Digital Marketing since 2004 or more accurately, you can say 2001. Pritam has made millions of dollars through Blogging and Digital Marketing.

There are many other better career opportunities like Blogging, online business, affiliate marketing, freelancing, startups in Digital Marketing. From these options, Pritam makes a lot of money from it.

8. Arun Prabhudesai

Arun Prabhudesai

Arun Prabhudesai is the founder of the a website, It’s an Indian blog talks about Technology, Telecom, Internet, and Mobile.

He started in early 2007 and since then it is growing every day and every month and now it is one of the leading Indian telecom blogs in the tech field.

  • Blogger Name: Arun Prabhudesai
  • Location: Pune, India.
  • Monthly Earning: $15,000 (Estimated).
  • Age: 31 years.
  • Blog/Website:
  • Alexa Global rank: 28,701
  • Rank in India: 2,093

9. Amit Bhawani

Amit Bhawani

Amit Bhawani started his blogging career in 2007. He writes about many things like Technology, Health, Blogging, SEO, India, etc.

Also, He is one of the top Indian bloggers and he shared his blogging earnings once in June 2010.

  • Blogger Name: Amit Bhawani.
  • Location: Hyderabad, India.
  • Monthly Earning: $14,115 (June 2010).
  • Age: 30.
  • Blog/
  • Alexa Global rank: 350,627
  • Rank in India: 43,511

10. Jitendra Vaswani


Jitendra Vaswani is an expert blogger, speaker, entrepreneur and also an influential electronic marketer. After graduating from Engineering from the year 2012, he makes his mind to create a blog.

In this website, he mainly writes about new blogging ideas, traffic raising tips & tricks, SEO tactics, interviews with top SEO optimization specialists, product reviews, etc.

  • Blogger Name: Jitendra Vaswani
  • Location: India.
  • Monthly Earning: $8,000
  • Age: 26+.
  • Blog/WebsiteBloggers Ideas
  • Alexa Global rank: 28,451
  • Rank in India: 4,188


So that’s all guys this is our list of best Top 10 Bloggers In India for the year 2020. Also, one of my fav YouTubers in the blogging field named Teckum has the best website layout and earning thousands of dollars. If you have any Indian blogger to add to this list feel free to drop us a line below and we will add him/her to our list. 

The reason why I shared this list is to give you examples of people like you and me who make living online. So what you are waiting for?

Take the first move now and buy a good WordPress Hostingset up a WordPress blog on it, and start blogging.

Want to add anything to the list of Top 10 Bloggers In India or think that we’re missing one of your favorite Indian bloggers? don’t hesitate to let us know using the comments below!

And also, If you like our efforts for this amazing blog post then, share it with your friends and family members.

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