Health Smartwatch And Trackers Are Selling Your Activity Data

Health Smartwatch And Trackers Are Selling Your Activity Data

Did you know that “Health Smartwatch And Trackers Are Selling Your Activity Data”?. Devices like Activity Tracker and Smartwatch nowadays remain the first choice for many people who fit themselves. People like this device that keeps track of how much activity you spend throughout the day, how much calorie reduction is done, But perhaps people do not know that this device can now be a threat to their privacy.

How Your Privacy Can Be Leaked?

Health Smartwatch And Trackers Are Selling Your Activity Data

In fact, a researcher of Indian origin says that the AI (Artificial Intelligence) used in making this device can easily steal the customer’s health data from one place to another. Although the companies that make this device claim to take full care of privacy but, no guarantee is given.

Researcher Anil Ashwani claims that the data used in the activity tracker. And smartwatch can store the data of a customer which can be hacked.

 According to the researcher, with the help of this AI technology, the everyday pattern of the user can be understood. Social sites such as Facebook can also collect the user’s health data. With the help of this intelligence system and then share this information with any company.

These data can be sold to other companies. In this way, your health and vital information about your routine will be gathered to anyone, which is very dangerous.

Companies Are Leaking Your Health Data

Nowadays there are many companies that buy people’s health data. Their work is to match health data to people’s personal data and then this data is sold to other companies.

The researcher further said that the fault is not a smart device, but the way the data is moving around, there is no big deal of privacy violation. If your health care data takes place in some wrong way then there is a great danger.

Right now since there is no stringent law on data protection, it has been happening continuously, but it can be dangerous to go to the other side of important things such as health, hence there is a need to enforce stringent laws regarding data security.

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