Perfect And Smart Ways To Speedup Your WordPress Website

Speedup Your WordPress Website

Hey you guys welcome to our new updated version of speeding up a WordPress website tips and tricks. Learn for “Perfect And Smart Ways To Speedup Your WordPress Website” after many googling QnA and Faq’s I got some best results here I’ll show you.

So you are troubling for your slow and down WordPress website then this might be really helpful for you. First of all study your website speed and analytics visit like a user. Understand what is wrong and what is right for your site.

A slow website can kill your visitor’s desire to have repeated visit to your site. They can feel that site is very slow to them, even they has the speed internet connection. And that thing can put back your site to dustbin.

Check Your Website Speed By Testing

Yes, I’ll provide you some useful website which can analyze your website performance and speed. Just put your website URL in these website and run the test.

#1. GT Metrix

Speedup Your WordPress Website

Gt Metrix will provide your website speed and performance score in various country and browser. Also, a good thing is you can filter the Internet Connection Speed, Browser, Location, Bandwidth.

#2. Google Page Speed Insight

Speedup Your WordPress Website

That’s the magic, Google Page Speed Insight Tool is an official tool for developers and website owners. In this tool, you can check your website speed and performance score according to Google.

#3. Pingdom

Speedup Your WordPress Website

Pingdom tool can specify the bottlenecks of your website. Find where is the problems in your back-end like JavaScript, CSS, HTML.

Best performance and speed depend on a specific score in these tools. Scoring above 60-90 is a good sign for a WordPress website. As you are a developer know that, WordPress has some other PHP and scripts that loads externally and the plugin process.

In my case optimize these things for better speedup your WordPress website.

  • Optimize Images According To Your Site Scale
  • Defer Unused JavaScript And CSS
  • Don’t Use Shared Hosting
  • Redirect Bigger Contents From CDN URLs.
  • Use A Content Delivery Network
  • Using A WP Optimize Plugin To Clean Website Daily
  • Use A Caching Plugin

Always Use A Good Hosting

Invest some money on these good hosting providers. Having a good and reliable hosting it dramatically increase your website to fly. While using a shared hosting, they give you a limit of bandwidth and storage that always slow down your site.

#1. BlueHost

Speedup Your WordPress Website

#2. Dreamhost

Speedup Your WordPress Website

Evaluating Plugins

Plugins are famous for WordPress cause they are easy to setup. But, in the back-end some un-welled coding plugins decreasing site load speed. For setting a good list of plugin use the below lists to enhance.

  • Delete Unnecessary Plugins
  • Use Cache Plugins (WP Super, W3 Total, WP Fastest)
  • Update Your Plugins On Demand
  • Don’t Use Any Animation Or Slider Plugin
  • Use Akismet For Spam Comments

Use Server Side Cache

If you are already using a WordPress optimized Hosting then, chances are they give you a pre-optimized caching server to you. Where your static files will be saved and served too quickly to the browser.

Like in Bluehost, SiteGround, Hostinger and oth. They give you a free and fast caching server that works same like a plugin. You can also find these option in your cPanel. Or contact your hosting provider support team.

If you find my article “Perfect And Smart Ways To Speedup Your WordPress Website” useful, please share with your friends and family. Thanks for spending your valuable time and reading our article to the end.

Cheers —Kunu KD

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