Signs In Facebook Messenger That You Are Addicted To It

Signs in facebook messenger

Hey everyone today the topic is what are those dangerous signs in Facebook Messenger that we are addicted to it. And we all are making a big mistake, don’t make the messaging app as your life partner.

I know that sounds odd for all of you who read but, that’s getting true. Some of us who chat with another user as long as on these messenger apps. And becoming our day-to-day life product. That’s why we don’t have much time to spend with our family.

So in these article we gonna to discuss about those hilarious techniques they use to attract you to use their app.

Cut Down Time

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Especially we cut down some time from our whole life for Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp Messenger the main factor and sign.

Please don’t forget that you have a physical life. Don’t be so much engaged with these app. Let’s look at the next sign of Facebook messenger.


I and You know that every single person on Facebook has some friends. And they need some extra topics and juice in their news feed and sharing thoughts of others. And some people copy them and cross the privacy limit of others.

It’s good to share your own thought to your friends, but doing it in day-by-day can be badly affect your friendships.They pretend you as like a news reporter or journalist.

These peoples are too busy in Facebook for sharing photos, status, check-in, going live I don’t mean that you leave them but doing in day-by-day is not good. This a sign of an addict of Facebook and Facebook messenger.

Numbers Addict

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Let’s take an example: A friend shows you his fan following on Facebook or chats in Facebook Messenger and the numbers are huge.

Then you opened your profile and keep the work of adding more people in your list. You are an addict, that’s a complete view of your addiction.

And the addiction is just for show off your social activities. Remember the numbers are simple numeric that don’t become a relation. Leave that addict…

Hours-Of-Hours On Chatting

Source: Twitter

It is difficult to calculate the exact time of an addicted messenger user spent time on these apps. Cause time do not wait for anyone it goes and goes (Infinite).

In HINDI language there is a very famous film word, if any Indian’s are reading then they could understand. Either you can Google for it…

” हर पल यहाँ जी भर जियो
जो है समाँ कल हो न हो “


First of all I want to say that, don’t blame me that, I’am stopping you to use Facebook Messenger. Please don’t do that.

In my opinion use it but, for some while in a day don’t exceed above 30 minutes. And also, don’t let it become your daily habit that is a bad impact for your and your family health.

Buddy, addict me and my website don’t get the chance for Facebook. And I explained these “Signs In Facebook Messenger” Hahhahahaha.

And if you are a Facebook addict then let me know in the comments. I know the Kunu KD doctor, Just Google it.

If you find my article “Signs In Facebook Messenger That You Are Addicted To It” useful, please share with your friends and family. Thanks for spending your valuable time and reading our article to the end.

Cheers —Kunu KD

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