Satyam Eva Jayate Upcoming YouTube Sensation (Saroj SRJ)

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Howdy! I’m KD welcome everyone to another entertainment-based category YouTube. So you guys know What Is YouTube no need to intro. I just discovered a best channel for you. And the channel is Satyam Eva Jayate.

In this article, I’ll show you the most awaited YouTube channel in India SatyamEvaJayate and the owner was (Saroj Kumar Das) as you can see in our About Page. He is “Executive Officer” of our newly launched website

What Is Satyam Eva Jayate?

satyam eva jayate

Satyam Eva Jayate is an initiative channel on YouTube to showcase India’s diversified arts & culture. And the day to day livelihood of our underprivileged people. This platform also aims to address our social issues in India— Poverty, Old Age, Social Exclusion, etc.

All are we know that India is a country of various religions. We try to steal the moments of celebration of various religions and make them available to the people of the world through our channel.

YouTube is a big platform for sharing videos and useful contents. But in India, some people reach the top of YouTube by using vulgar language and worst content.

But our motto is to build some connection of disconnected Indian people from our culture. We are always trying to showcase our content as much as we can but, no one is there with us.

satyam eva jayate

Also, Satyam Eva Jayate videos are featured on the famous leading news channel of Odisha. OTV

Final Word — Come and join with us, We give you content and you use that. Click the below button to join now 🙂

Who Is Saroj SRJ?

SRJ aka Saroj Kumar Das from Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India. The YouTuber who try something new in this century to showcase his talent to the world. All Youtubers are running in the race of subscribers and views using clickbait etc to drive traffic and earn money.

But, SRJ doesn’t think about how many subs and views he has. He always goes for the content and his niche. The main aim is showing the world, how India looks like in the deep.

For all youtuber —Don’t think about subscribers, look what the public will be demand. Remember content is the King not views.

— Saroj Kumar Das

Watch It Now

Satyam Eva Jayate Gallery

Saroj Kumar Das
Saroj Kumar Das (SRJ)
satyam eva jayate
satyam eva jayate

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Cheers —Kunu KD

Note: This article is not sponsored by Satyam Eva Jayate. I write about their channel cause, I really like their creativity and talent.

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