PUBG Mobile Tournament India 2019 Prize Money 1Cr

PUBG Mobile Tournament India 2019

“Tencent” Games and “Player Unknown Battle Ground” (PUBG) corp. announced the PUBG Mobile Tournament India 2019 and the prize money will be 1Cr rupees. If you are a die-hard fan of PUBG Mobile and you can play like a pro and has good faith in your teammates. Then register now for the upcoming tournament and prize money will be in 1Cr. rupees cash.

PUBG Mobile Tournament India 2018 Results

PUBG MOBILE Campus Championship held in October 2018. The Tencent and PUBG corp. claims that they received over 250,000 registrations in three weeks and 4 days. From across 1000 colleges and from 30 cities. In the previous 2018 tournament can only be applicable to the college student.

PUBG Mobile Tournament India 2019 Guidelines

PUBG Mobile Tournament India 2019

There are not any limits on registrations thus, no need to worry concerning the spots obtaining stuffed. However, players with a PUBG MOBILE account higher than the level of twenty and you can also elect to register. And it’s a squad-only tournament thus, no solo or pair player matches are going to be the command. The groups can battle it out for the prize on completely different maps like Erangel, Sanhok, Miramar, and Vikendi.

The competition is going to be the command in First-Person and Third-Person perspective view modes and supported the points gained. And registered squads members enjoying along throughout the In-Game Qualifier section. Which is able to crop up between January twenty-one to January twenty-eight.

when qualifier section top 2,000 groups are going to be selected for the net Playoffs. Which is able to be command between Feb nine to twenty-four. The twenty groups can get the possibility to fight it out at the Grand Finals, which is able to be endured on March 10. Those who interested will head over to the game’s web site here and register for the event and claim your prize money.

Note— Only Indian residents will participate within the tournament and do note that one can have to be compelled to verify their email address once registration to finish the method. After registration, one will either be part of or produce a squad of a minimum of 4 players. To join a squad, one will need to have the Squad ID but one can also use the, Create Squad button to create one and invite other players to their squad.

PUBG Mobile Tournament India 2019 Rules And Regulation

After registering and coming into a squad, one can get to undergo In-Game Qualifiers. Here, a team can be got to play fifteen Classic mode matches in Erangel map with their registered India 2019 Series squad members and out of the primary fifteen matches, their best ten matches are taken into thought for shrewd the ultimate result. For approving to the “PUBG Mobile Tournament India 2019”.

The result’s supported kills and finishing position and just in case if there’s a tie, alternative parameters like Survival time and kill ratings, accuracy is taken into thought. As mentioned on top of, In-game Qualifier are command just for seven days.

Between of January twenty-one to January twenty-seven, and matches compete solely throughout this era are thought-about. So, people who register ought to play fifteen matches with their squad between the mentioned dates.

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PUBG Mobile Tournament India 2019 Payoffs

PUBG Mobile Tournament India 2019

Online PlayOffs is wherever the wheat is going to be separated from the chaff as solely 2000 squads can get to advance to the present round. And the battle against one another to induce to the Grand Finale. The net Playoffs are going to be the command in three rounds from February ten to February twenty-four and in spherical one.

The highest 2000 Squads are going to be seeded into a hundred teams, every of twenty squads. These teams can vie in better of one matches, a position primarily based. The knockout match and therefore the prime four squads from every cluster can move to spherical a pair of. The spherical one is going to be hosted between February ten – February fifteen.

In round 2, the highest four hundred squad teams from the round one are going to be seeded into twenty teams once more. With every cluster consisting of twenty squads once more a better of one match. Are going to be the command against the squads and prime four squads. From every cluster move to the round of three, a pair of can present itself between February 16- February nineteen.

In Round 3, the chosen variety of groups are going to be whittled all the way down to the highest eighty squads. From round 2 a pair of, which can once more be seeded into four teams. Every consisting of twenty squads. A better of three points-based knockout matches are going to be the command. And therefore the prime 5 squads from every cluster can get to enter the grand finale. And the round three are going to be command between February 21 to February 24.

Prize Pool Distribution Of PUBG Mobile Tournament India 2019

  • The total prize pool within the PUBG Mobile Tournament 2019 will be the amount of 1Cr rupees in cash.
  • The winning team will get 30 lakh right there in cash.
  • The runner up can take away 10 lakh right there in cash.
  • The third-ranking team can get Rs Five Lakh right there in cash.
  • All groups that create it to the highest ten ranks will also receive some prize money.

MVP Awards – Awarded to the player with the most range of most valuable player. And these awarded teams will take away 50,000 cash prize. Here is the list—

  • The Exterminators – Awarded to the team with most kills.
  • The Healers – Awarded to the team with the best range of revives.
  • The Redeemer – Awarded to the player with the best quantity of health fixed up.
  • The Lone Ranger – Awarded to the player with the most survival time.
  • The Rampage Freak – Awarded to the player for the most range of kills in one game.

FAQ’s Of PUBG Mobile Tournament India 2019

PUBG Mobile Tournament India 2019 Prize Money?

PUBG Mobile India 2019 tournament total prize money will be 1 crore rupees in cash.

What is PUBG Tournament?

The PUBG MOBILE TOURNAMENT (PMT) is a tournament held by the PUBG MOBILE Corp. and Tencent Group. That focuses on all mobile players of PUBG receive some reward who wins the tournament.

What Is The Date Of PUBG Mobile Tournament India 2019?

The date of PUBG Mobile Tournament India 2019 will be held in MARCH 2019.

Where I Can Download PUBG Game?

Click on the PUBG text to download.

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