PUBG Mobile Tips And Top 5 Tricks To Know

PUBG Mobile Tips

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Top 5 PUBG Mobile Tips

In the world of online gaming, the game “PUBG” (Player Unknown’s Battleground) has made the hearts of all people. If you are a addictive of playing online games then you will be familiar with the game PUBG. If you play PUBG, then please read this article as it is mentioned in this article about five interactive PUBG facts related to the game.

History Of PUBG

PUBG Mobile Tips

The full name of the PUBG is “Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds”. But let’s tell you that this game is Inspire from the Battle Royal Japanese Movie. The weapons shown in the movie will be found exactly in the game.

Whats Is Winner Winner Chicken Dinner?

Tying up to the end in the game and winning the match is quite exciting in itself. If you win the PUBG game then, you get to see the message “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner”.

You will find this message in many more games. The message from the creator of the PUBG game and most of the games in which the games he worked.

Blue zone

PUBG Mobile Tips

PUBG Lovers definitely know about Blue Zone. While playing the game, we have to avoid and stay inside the Blue Zone. This Blue Zone gather the 100 players in a circle.

Initially, this circle was going to be kept square. But it was easy for the square player and there was a lot of trouble during its coding.

So the blue line was a round circle. And the blue zone idea was taken from the Soviet Union army. The army of the Soviet Union used to spread electricity on the ground through electric current machines to break the intruders from the island.

Earning Of PUBG

PUBG Mobile Tips
Source: PC Gamers

Apart from being quite popular after the launch of this game, it also broke many records in the case of earnings. But many PUBG players have a question about how the game earns, as this game is available free of charge at the Play Store. Also, no advertisements of any kind can be seen in this.

In fact, the game has to be bought to play on the computer and it is the first way of earning. In addition in this game, you get to see a lot of products for the player, who can afford to buy. A lot of PUBG players buy these products and Playstore pay to PUBG.

PUBG Records

This game has created and broke many records after the launch. Here are some amazing records related to this game. More than 10 million people online play this game every day around the world.

PUBG Mobile Tips

The game had crossed the Hundred Million Players figures in just 4 months after the launch. Pubg Game has received many awards.

Like Best Multiplayer Award, PC Games of the Year, Action Game of the Year, etc. Its name comes from the best 5 games in the world. The game earned 11 million dollars only after 3 days of launch.

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