10 Best Methods To Make Your Website Look More Attractive

make your blog more attractive

A successful blogger is not always used to write one or three articles every day to make his blog more attractive. Writing articles only on your website is not a matter of bravery.

Regardless of how much articles you write, if the layout of your website or blog is weighed, then the readers will leave your blog soon. And because of this reason, the bounce rate of your website can increase.

And your website will continue to be down on SERP (Search Engine Results Page). Google will feel that people do not want to visit your website. This can only be the reason for your website layout. And if you are using Google Adsense I’ll recommend you to use some responsive themes. Because AutoAds can automatically show ads where you don’t want them.

As of today, all the websites that are on the internet, 50% of the reason for their growth is only the Layout, Design, and Content of their website. I don’t have any intention to say that you stop writing content.

But you should also pay attention to your content and your website design simultaneously. That will help so much so good to better rank in SERP and helps you in better User Experience for your readers.

Make These 10 Changes To Make Your Blog More Attractive

In this article, I will give you 10 such suggestive ideas that you can implement on your website or blog to get a better result. I know that content matters very much for a website and a blog. But its Design, Layout and Speed matter as much. So let’s start with Design.

1. Blog/Website Design Matters (Theme)

make blog attractive

You can’t attract your first-time visitors by using some cheap and free plugins or themes. Here are a few tricks or tips to make it look more attractive.

most of the new bloggers who do not know much about AMP, SEO, Speed Optimization, Premium Themes Etc. The same people use the free worn out plugins and themes on their website.

I am not saying that you beat the free things, In my case, I also use the free “Astra” theme on my website kunukd.com and free page builder Elementor.

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If you use the website for your business growth, then I will recommend that you should buy paid themes and plugins. And while purchasing a paid theme, take care of SEO and Responsiveness, Updates, Supports of the theme. If you really want to use free themes, then you can check out the latest popular themes here on WordPress Official Site.

2. Content Is The King

Content is the king I repeat this every time, along with the design of the website, you should also know how to write good catchy content. After that readers will start loving your content even more. Not that you write anything and it will go on, you should always think like a reader whenever you write new content.

Make a stronger connection with your readers by implementing ‘I’ and ‘You’ word in all of your articles, this can make your articles more addictive.

From the very beginning, you can’t write articles in Native English like big bloggers eg. ShoutMeLoud, WPBegginer, Others. But still, never give up for bad English, In my suggestion read other’s articles on a daily basis and analyze them how they write like — Using Of Grammar, Styles, Word Insertion, Skills, etc.

Whenever you get free time, I recommend you to start using Flipboard, Reddit, Stumble Upon for discovering news articles globally. No matter which device you use, whether it is a phone or computer.

3. Attractive Tittle And Thumbnail

Catchy Title

Always remember that an attractive thing can attract everyone. And the Title is the most important thing for writing a blog post. Now I will give you 2 examples, select one of them.

Now suddenly No.2 will come in your mind, but why? well, the second one is more catchy and attractive than the first one. This the power of attractiveness. Now you will do the same to make your title more viral and will make your blog more attractive.

Attractive Thumbnail

Attractive thumbnails can boost your website traffic dramatically. If anyone searches for an image on google that matched your article keyword term your website thumbnail will automatically show there. Then the person visits your website through the attractive thumbnail.

You can also create the best attractive and beautiful thumbnails by using Canva a popular site for designing images. Here is an example of my website articles thumbnail designs —

4. Don’t Over Insert Ads

Nowadays the newbie bloggers put a lot of ads on their websites to earn maximum money. Adding more ads can slow down your website, which can also hurt the user experience.

In my opinion, use ads on a specific limit. Like, insert five-seven ads on your website if you really want more money and use one-three ads for making your website look loyal.

5. Landing Pages With Elementor

Building your landing pages with the best page builder for WordPress ‘Elementor’ will also make your blog more attractive.

Elementor has some new features to customize every single element on a single page. whether it is Homepage Or About Us Page you can edit the colors, dimensions, layout, margins, add effects to your fonts, background image, etc.

6. Make Your Blog More Attractive With Social Media Icons

social media icon for website or blog

If you want to connect with your readers without using your website, then social media is the only way. Link your social media accounts on your website through icons. Use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube icons on your website Header, Footer, and Sidebar too. You can also use plugins to do this.

Let me tell you an extra tip that you can collect e-mail Ids of your website readers using MailChimp. What will happen with this, whenever you publish a new article, immediately after that the link of that article will be forwarded to your readers’ email inbox.

7. Increase Speed Of Website/Blog

how to speed up a website or blog?

In today’s age, speed matters a lot for a website and now Google officially announced that they rank those pages whose speed is more than others.

I recommend you to don’t use as many plugins as possible, use simple widgets, compress Images before uploading, keep the website clean, don’t over-optimize articles. I have posted three articles on this topic you can also check out them for increasing the speed of your site.

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#1 Best Caching Plugin To Boost Your WordPress Speed

8. Make Your Blog Typography More Attractive

Never use small fonts on your website or blog. Readers may have difficulties reading your articles or your blog texts. What will happen with this, that there are some chances readers can leave your site.

Between 12px to 16px is a good font size for web view, you should use simple and minimal fonts for the blog, not like fancy one.

9. Use Free Quality Images

free stock photos or images from pixabay and pexels

Images play an important role in every website. Whether it is a blog or a social media website. All of us bloggers need an image for writing a new article, but there are some bloggers who download and upload directly from Google Images.

If you do this then it can give you a lot of damage, especially for the Adsense users. Many of those images are copyrighted and you may have face issues regarding copyright in the future.

Remember always use copyrighted free images, whether you can apply filters on Google images or you can visit these Pixabay, FreePik sites to download and use the stock images for free, no need to credit anyone.

10. Make Your Blog More Attractive By Updating Your Blog Daily

Try to write a new article every day, post some new information that Google will not have, because Google needs fresh data, if Google likes your site, then people will definitely love your blog or website.

One last thing, always consider the first impression as the last impression, so do not forget to make the Front Page, About Us, Contact Us of your blog or website more attractive and stylish for example you can see my website pages.

We hope our article helps you to Make Your Blog More Attractive. You can also check this out — Approaching the Website Design Process from the Browser

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