Is Blogging Dead Or Still Working In 2019?

Is Blogging Dead Or Still Working In 2019

There is over billions of blogs are on the internet. Should you waste your time in blogging or not? In this article, I will show you how can you do it even better before. Now I have a question for you do you have a blog? if you have then commented below with yes or no. Before I answer the question if blogging should work in 2019 I’m gonna give you some tips on how to get the most out of your blog and of course at the end I’ll answer the question.

Don’t Focus On Quantity Focus On The Quality

With over billion blogs just imagine how many pieces of the blog post is getting rid every single day. Has to be the thousands if not hundreds of thousands I don’t know the exact numbers. But I know there is over billions of contents are live on the internet. So much so that most of you guys are can’t read it. Just think about the basic methods If there are 7 billion bloggers and every single has 10 blog post you can imagine the numbers.

So don’t focus on writing and creating bigger amounts of posts on your site. Make sure anything you are writing is new and unique. The web is waiting for new and new pieces of information. Very few peoples are writing unique contents and others are doing there following to others job. If you do then you will get more social shares, more backlinks and higher ranking on google.

Make Your Blog Conversational Friendly

Is Blogging Dead Or Still Working In 2019

When anyone comments on your blog you need to respond. Think about blog as a comunication channel. if any person coment for a tips or suggestion and you don’t that be a rude. And if you are not getting any comments on your page you can do a trick like, Write a content and ask viewers questions below your blog you will find this will be encourage them to comment.

You need to use these words in your blog page “You” and “I” within your blog post. By using these words it makes your blogs more conversational. Such as “How to double your website traffic? I know I would everyone says SEO is hard but you know this is simple. Today I’ll show you how to do that” By creating a conversational blog you will get more comments and remember to keep your blog post in 5 to 6 lines, it makes easier to scan.

Connecting With Peoples Through Tools

Connect with peoples through popular tools and social media. Now, why I’m talking about this?. Imagine you share your blogs and products on the social media and 30 peoples click the link out of 100 why?. Because they don’t know you will start conversations with unknown peoples. By doing this they will be more attracted to your blog and can increase your traffic.

Collecting Emails

Is Blogging Dead Or Still Working In 2019?

Have you heard the same the money is the list very common saying in the digital marketing?. Emails are the most important thing you need to collect emails. Go and collect emails right now by using any tools like “Hello Bar”. By using this tool you can get a lead magnet offer peoples for ebooks and solving FAQ’s. Doing these simple things capture your way more emails.

Using Push Notifications

Is Blogging Dead Or Still Working In 2019?

Push notification is similar to email and it’s an easy way to get people back to your site. Using tools like “Subscribers” And “OneSignal” is a great way to people that subscribe to you with a click of a button. Then when you release a blog post, you will be get notified. And also love this and then through that push notification, you can publish your product or service to subscribers.

Does Blogging Still Works In 2019?

It does, it just changed before you create a blog post on anything you think about how to getting traffic and ranking on google and you do well. That doesn’t work anymore unless you writing unique and amazing content and you putting your time and effort to do all these other things. So just push peoples from your products and services to your blog by doing these steps. It’s a combination of all those things that will make blogging do well in 2019.

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