How To Make WordPress Blogs SEO Friendly

How To Make WordPress Blogs SEO Friendly

When there is the talk of SEO and WordPress I mostly suggest for a plugin that can help you more while doing SEO on a single blog post. That was Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress (Not Sponsored) it really helps for proper SEO.

Writing Skills

How To Make WordPress Blogs SEO Friendly

Writing an article is not a easy word it requires skills, ideas and concentration. First of all before writing an article make a structure and think the words and lines in your mind. Make your article clear and decent it helps readers to understanding the core of your concept.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the main factor of SEO it can upgrade and downgrade your ranking on search engine. A single word can degrade your article so before writing an article do some proper keyword research. Find those keywords which match your Headings, Body and your Tittle.

Writing Tips

Don’t write anything that comes into your mind. Yes! sometimes it works but it works for some people who have “Natural Writing Talent” and a professional all time blogger. Follow the rules before writing I swear your blog can achieve the rank. Implement the focus keyword in Tittle, Body, Headings, Conclusions as much where you can repeat those keywords.

Yoast SEO

How To Make WordPress Blogs SEO Friendly

The Yoast SEO is a simple and easy WordPress plugin it’s free to use. It has good reviews and 1 Million+ installs globally. Personally, I am using this plugin. it has a lot’s of features and good analysis tools can upgrade your whole website SEO ranking in search engines.


  • Automatically connect your website with all your social media id.
  • It shows the perfect analysis of what you writing on a blog.
  • Checks the sentence and paragraphs are too long?
  • It also checks your internal links and outbound links on your article. And your images are using alt text or not.
  • After doing SEO it indicates with “green” “red” and “yellow” bullets.

Note — Green bullets will help you improve the ranking of the pages on your website. You have to make every single dot to be “green” for good SEO score.

How To Make WordPress Blogs SEO Friendly

Proper SEO Key Points

  • Don’t think about to showcasing your article beautiful. Think what a reader want on this line and this new line. Always think like a reader.
  • Use “Grammarly” website or use their plugins. It helps to autocorrect your spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes. (Chrome users use the extension for speed integration while you are typing)
  • Use more headings and implement your focus keywords.
  • Optimize your article length make sure to write a minimum of 300 words.
  • Google and other search engines are like long articles but don’t write too long when there is nothing to explain more. It might scare users away.


After following these tips and tricks your blogs will be sure rank in search engine and makes more SEO friendly. Remember that content is always king, Good contents gives more likes, tweets, shares and more visitors to your site. The more you get visitors the more you get rank. But most important, post articles on every single day.

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