How To Make Money Online Without Investment In India

How To Make Money Online Without Investment In India

Hey are you guys looking for “How To Make Money Online Without Investment In India” then you find a right article.

in this article, you can find some useful and genuine tricks to make money online from home in India. I don’t want to waste your time by writing intro, so let’s begin the process–

For saving your time to read this article I’ll write 10 ways for you guys…

1. Search The Web & Get Paid

How To Make Money Online Without Investment In India

Yes from searching the web as same you do on Google and Bing search engines. I know you guys are thinking that I’m joking or I’m a psycho, no that’s the truth.

What you need to do just install a add-on to your browser. And whenever you search anything on the internet. It shows you results.

But you need to click for the sponsored link to get paid. Getting interested I know, go to right now to claim your rewards.

2. Get Paid To Watch Ads

How To Make Money Online Without Investment In India

You & I and whole over the world know that advertisement is on of the biggest business in the world. Advertiser shows their ads people for their profit and their main aim is to show ads to the user who interested.

Why not we apply this trick and this is one of my favorite one.

Advertiser spend millions and billions of money for their product ads. And if anyone says “Hey I’m interested in your ad, could you give me some money for viewing this ad?” of-course they.

Here is some PTC (Paid to Click) sites list for signing up watch and get paid for that ad.

There is hundreds of PTC website over the internet. But here I provide some genuine and easy websites to get paid if you are in India.

3. Online Survey

How To Make Money Online Without Investment In India

The online survey is another easy and short time job for the students. From the staring of this work, people are getting worried about not getting money and surveys.

But the truth is kept calm and wait for some time and you can earn thousands of dollars from that.

What Is Online Survey?

The online survey is an online generated form from companies for their products and services. Some different companies ask for your honest opinion for their products and services, so they can increase their sales in different interest.

I’ll give you some genuine websites links which are giving most of surveys and money.

4. Start Your Own Website

How To Make Money Online Without Investment In India

Starting a website is not a easy thing but, if you have some basic knowledge about building website. Then you can do it in less than 30 minutes.

There are plenty ways to monetize your website. And is one of the biggest example. I started this website when I’m a 17yr student.

All you need to do I recently write an article about builing a website you can checkout this by clicking this post.

5. Review Websites & Apps

How To Make Money Online Without Investment In India

For this online job you need to have some web developer or app developing knowledge. a big website for reviewers which pays everyday to tons of reviewers to reviewing some websites.

All you need to do, go to the website and signup. Each review can give you up-to 10-50$. And approximately 300$ you can earn monthly from this site.

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6. From Google Products

How To Make Money Online Without Investment In India

Google, who knows about about Google? well the answer is whole world. A 5yr old child can explain about google. And the very interesting thing is you can make money from Google.

Google is on of the most trusted website in online and I’ll show you 2 product of Google where you can be a million-er.

The first one is Google Blogger and the second one is YouTube. is an online blogging community where you can share your talent and ideas by posting an article.

YouTube is an online video sharing platform where you can upload your own video and monetize it through Adsense, and generate revenue.

7. Publish Kindle eBook

Make Money Online Without Investment In India From eBooks

This method is specially for students and housewives who has a lot of time to spend on writing. With Amazon Kindle Self Publish you can publish your own eBook.

List your eBook on amazon for 2-5$ and just that they will do the rest. Earn 70% from the sell and that’s a passive income source.

8. Captcha Solving

Make Money Online Without Investment In India From 2Captcha

Captcha is used to prevent spam on the internet. There are millions of companies who want to create thousands of accounts daily on popular sites. Most of them use software to create the accounts by deploying a bot.

But these captcha images prevent the bots for creating multiple unwanted accounts on popular sites.

So making money from captcha you need to become a captcha solver and enter the character correctly into the website.

The website give you unlimited numbers of captcha you can solve more and more captcha depending on your speed.

They give you 2$ – 10$ for each 1000 captcha you solve and from bonuses.

9. Affiliate Marketing

Make Money Online Without Investment In India Frpm Amazon

Amazon is proving the best percentage for your affiliate sale. Simple way go right now and partnership with Amazon Affiliate Program.

Create your desired product affiliate link and share them on your Website, YouTube Videos, Facebook page. Wherever you have a huge audience and they are interested to buy the product.

If anyone click your affiliate link they will be automatically redirected to the product page on amazon. and if a user purchase the same product or anything under 24hr you will get your commission.

10. Freelancing On Fiverr

How To Make Money Online Without Investment In India

Every single person has some need on the internet like searching for Voice over, Short Clips, Logo Designer, Web Developer. Here comes where freelancers providing this small jobs for anyone needs.

You can also join fiverr and list your skills on the gigs. Complete your profile make this to look like a professional.

And the default gig price is 5$ also you can provide more service for more money. There is tons of ideas which you can do just browse their site.

Yes, people are making a huge amount of money from Fiverr and living their life like a million-er.

Following these tricks will be really help you for Making Money Online Without Investment In India.

If you find my article “How To Make Money Online Without Investment In India” useful, please share with your friends and family. Thanks for spending your valuable time and reading our article to the end

Cheers —Kunu KD

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