How To Land Fast In PUBG Mobile Game

how to land fast in pubg mobile

Hey Guys, Welcome to another article for PUBG tricks and tips. In this article, I’ll show you how you can land faster in PUBG Mobile and PC let’s begin.

After warming up in the Lobby of the PUBG game all players go to their desired location on the map through a plane. After landing on a hot drop location like (Pochinki, Georgopol, Novorepnue), etc. You need some guns fast as much as possible.

So in this race of landing first in the ground of your desired location, you have to do a trick. I mentioned the tips and tricks below with my own experience.

Trick For Land Fast (100% Real Working)

Follow these below steps in your game and enjoy the new landing experience. Or you can watch this video for more perfectness.

  1. Mark Your Desired Landing Location On Map
  2. Jump Before 700M Distance From Your Marked Location
  3. Move Your Left/Right Joystick Towards Ten ‘o’Clock Direction
  4. Move Your Character Downward Facing Toward The Ground By Using Joystick


how to land fast in pubg mobile
  • Increase Your Speed To The Max Level 234 km/h
  • Reach The Ground Before Your Enemies
  • You Have Some Time To Find Out The Guns Before Your Teammates And Opponents
  • You Can Kill Slow Gliding Enemies In Your Location
  • Can Be Land In Hot Drop Locations (Pochinki, Military Base, Novorepnue), etc

By using this method you can fly and land faster in PUBG Mobile before your enemies kill you. So I think you will get the answer to how to land faster in PUBG mobile game.

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Cheers —Kunu KD

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