How To Fix YouTube 500 Internal Server Error

YouTube 500 Internal Server Error

Sometimes you try to open YouTube official website or app and that doesn’t open and showing a “500 Internal Server Error”, and will see a message saying “A team of highly trained monkeys has been dispatched to deal with this situation” followed by a long string of text.

That YouTube 500 internal Error is a server-side error of YouTube itself and its “hosting” servers, meaning that the problem probably isn’t with your computer or your Internet connection. Commonly, there is no need for you to worry about your computer or mobile devices.

How To Fix YouTube 500 Internal Server Error Manually

YouTube 500 Internal Server Error

All you need to do just wait for the recovery of YouTube servers. But, if you indeed want to check out whether you can fix “YouTube 500 Internal Server Error” by yourself or not, you can read on.

Method 1. Wait Patiently

When YouTube Error 500 happens, operators of the web server site will locate, analyze and fix this error automatically and quickly. What you should do is to wait seconds and then open the YouTube site or appagain.

Method 2. Refresh the YouTube Website

1. Right-click the YouTube page then hit Refresh
 2. Press “F5” or “Ctrl +F5” on the keyboard to refresh the webpage.
 3. Or Just click the refresh icon the top left corner of the webpage to reload this page.
 4. Click the Back/Forward buttons to get through YouTube error 500 issues and reload the page.

Method 3. Remove Your Browser Cookies/History or Delete the Cache

  1. Chrome: Click Settings > Show advanced settings > Clear browsing data > check “All” and then clear data.
  2. Firefox: Click Settings > Clear Private Data > Clear Private Data section > Cookies/Cache > tap the Clear Private Data button > click OK.
  3. Microsoft Edge: Settings > Clear browsing data > Cookies/saved website data/Cached data and files > click Clear button.
  4. Internet Explorer: Settings > Internet Options > General tab > Browsing history/Temporary Internet files and website files > Delete.
  5. Safari: Click Privacy section of Preferences > then under the Cookies and other website data section > click or tap Remove All Website Data… to delete all the cookies, or choose Details… to delete website-specific cookies. Clearing the cache is done via the Develop menu. You can just tap or click Develop and then Empty Caches.
  6. Opera: Click Settings > Clear browsing data > check Cookies and other site data/Cached images and files > Yes.

After doing that, restart your browser and try to open YouTube again to see if this method works or not for YouTube 500 Internal Server Error.

Method 4. Special Trick To Download A Video While YouTube 500 Internal Server Error

Guys here I’ll show you how to download or view a video while YouTube 500 Internal Server Error. So, first of all, use a YouTube Video Downloader software and search your need. Then hit the download button. That’s it no need to worry for error.

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