How To Download YouTube Videos Free

Downloading A YouTube Video For Free

Downloading a YouTube video is not legal, you can see the YouTube Terms & Service and youtube don’t allow to download a single content from their server. Like you can stream and watch a video online or if you really want to download a video just buy the YouTube Premium pack and download.

1. Download Using third-party App On PC/Mac

How To Download YouTube Videos Free

There are lots of tools to directly download a video from YouTube server. Has some amazing features like choose your resolution, Audio quality, Compressing etc. What they do, same procedure like watching a video online and bypass the content and save to your local disk. The app will capture every bit-bit of video and save that.

How I Can Download A YouTube Video?

Yes, you can also do it. Just follow these steps below to easily download a YouTube video.

1. Download A YouTube Video Download Tool

So to do that go to the internet and search for a tool for your PC or MAC (eg. YTD Video Download). Visit the website choose your package and download it.

How To Download YouTube Videos Free

2. Install And Use

After downloading the app from the official website install and allow the admin permission. After that you will see the interface like this below the image. Now open the YouTube website and copy your video link from address bar and paste it to the tool. Select the resolution and click download. Done! your video will be downloaded soon.

How To Download YouTube Videos Free

2. Download Using Online Websites

The same procedure like a software tool. Some of the website provide to download a YouTube video using their website, here is how you can do it —

How To Download YouTube Videos Free
  • Visit a online YouTube video download website. (Search online video download on Google)
  • Copy the video link on that bar.
  • Select resolution and formats and click download.

3. With Premium And YouTube App

Just buy a YouTube premium subscription and use it perks. You can able to download a video on your local disk. Watch the videos offline when you don’t have a Wi-Fi or Cellular internet connection. Ans watch them on the go, keep yourself entertained on planes and trains while going on a trip or something.

How To Download YouTube Videos Free

Or you if you have an Android or iOS mobile phone and the YouTube app, it makes easier to download the video quickly. Like you are watching a video and you feel that’s a good video and want to save so there is a download button right sight of the like button. Click it and save it.

YouTube Go App —

How To Download YouTube Videos Free

YouTube Go is a really cool app personally, I use this app to download a YouTube video quickly and share it offline with my friends and family. To download the app visit the play store or apple app store download it. Remember it’s an official app from YouTube feel free to download a lot’s of videos.

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