Dynamo Gaming PUBG: Most Popular Indian PUBG Streamer

Dynamo Gaming

Hey, guys welcome once again to our another Tech news article. Today I’ll show you Dynamo Gaming PUBG statistics & the bio of the most popular streamer in India.

PUBG (Player Unknown Battle Ground) the most played game in the world. The PUBG Game has two variants one is PUBG PC and another is PUBG Mobile. PUBG Mobile also works on PC and Mobile devices, in PC you can play by using an emulator app.

In India, if you check every single person’s mobile phone you will be able to find PUBG Game. One of the “Dynamo Gaming” aka “Adii Sawant” who lives currently in Mumbai, India is the most popular PUBG player in YouTube Gaming.

Dynamo Gaming

Dynamo Gaming is his channel name on YouTube. And the most popular gaming channel in India. He is currently 22yr old but has more than 1.5M subscribers in his channel.

According to the Indian Gaming Community “Dynamo Gaming” channel has a huge number of subscribers and sponsors on his channel. Dynamo aka Adii has played some games like.

  • Dota2
  • GTA V
  • Need For Speed Most Wanted
  • Battle Field
  • Counter Strike
  • Contra

Details Of Adii Sawant

Dynamo Gaming PUBG

Adii Sawant is the real name off Dynamo but, everyone knows him as Dynamo. Also here is a fun fact his own teammates called him as Dynamo.

Adii Sawant also featured in some famous YouTube videos, recently he appeared on an interview video. Check out the below video.

Also I’m a big fan of “Dynamo Gaming” when i have enough internet data to watch a stream, I always watch his stream. His stream has Comedy, Serious Gameplay, Fun, Intense that I loved so much.

NAMEAdii Sawant
HEIGHT5.6 Inch.
COLORLight Dark
WEIGHT58 approx.
EDUCATIONBusiness Mangement

Dynamo Gaming PUBG Details

Dynamo Gaming PUBG

Dynamo Gaming aka Adii Sawant is a pro PUBG player. Mostly he kills the enemy with head-shot. Also, he has acquired “Long Shot” sign in the leader board.

In Season 2 and 3 he appeared top 10 in crown leader board. In the 4th season he tried to communicate with their subscribes so didn’t push rank much more.

Also Dynamo play some funny noob match on every sunday. With his “Fake Dynamo” PUBG ID.


Teammate Names:

  • BT as HYDRA ∣ BTS
  • Alpha Clasher as HYDRA ∣ ALPHA
  • Nerd Gaming as HYDRA ∣ NERD
  • AJ as HYDRA ∣ AJAY
  • Radio as HYDRA ∣ RADIO
  • Ninja as HYDRA ∣ NINJA
  • Zeus as HYDRA ∣ ZEUS


  • Google Adsense: 500$ – 1K$
  • Sponsorship: 1Lac+
  • Superchat: Per day (100$)

Channel Name: Dynamo Gaming


And now Adii’s channel is growing bigger like a rocket. Every day 3K+ subscribers join his channel. After getting 1M subscribers he collaborates with Carryminati, Garebooo, Alpha Clasher, and others. For now, keep reading kunukd.com

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