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dp full form

The question “What Is DP Full Form?” is very easy, but not everyone will know even 80 out of 100 people don’t know what was the full form or the meaning of DP word. It is the most common word used on social media platforms.

You must have heard this word often while outside or talking with your friends. For example, “Dude Your DP Is So Cool” “Your Facebook DP looks Awesome” “How’s My New DP Friends?”

If I’m not wrong then, You have also used this word somewhere else. But still, you might not know its meaning and full form. That’s why you searched it on Google and jumped to this article.

So then I have the answer to the whole question in your mind. Let us first know the full form of DP.

DP Full Form —

DP has many more kinds of full forms. But I will tell you some of the most commonly used full forms of DP. Before that let me tell you the No.1 most used dp word in every social media platforms and I think you are searching for its meaning.

DP Display Picture

dp full form

This was the full form that you were looking for here. DP stands for “Display Picture” on every social media platform. Like on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram.

WhatsApp DP Full Form

Now many peoples are searching the full form of Whatsapp DP on the Internet or on YouTube. This is why this word was born from this social media platform.

As I told you, the full form of DP is Display Picture then obviously the full form of Whatsapp DP will be the same as “WhatsApp Display Picture”.

Some More Common Full Forms For DP —

DP On Computer Science — Data Processing

DP On Mathematics Field — Dirichlet Process

And DP For Desktop Users — Desktop Picture

Like you saw that there are many full forms of DP but, it depends on you which one you are looking for. So now we know the full forms of DP in some variant, Ok so now let’s know what is the meaning of this in every social media’s.

Meaning Of DP (Display Picture) On Social Media

Basically DP indicates your social media profile picture. First, when Facebook stepped on this world. At that time, we used to call the photo taken in it as a profile picture, you must know this thing.

But now this word is used extensively for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, Instagram, and Whatsapp it uses a lot.

Display Picture (DP) can be defined as: “From this, any person can be visually identified on social media or on the Internet”.

Display Picture is what users see on their devices. whether it is a smartphone, desktop, laptop, tablet whereas DP represents a social media account in all its interaction across any platforms.

This word is famous because it is spoken by adding the name of social media with this word. For example —

  • Facebook DP
  • WhatsApp DP
  • Instagram DP
  • Twitter DP

About DP or Profile Picture

  • DP in social media stands for Display Picture and it also is known as a profile picture.
  • It was used in the early days of online massaging and chatting.
  • At the first Facebook introduced a new term which is profiles picture.
  • but now in these days, people feel good to use DP instead of the profile picture.
  • It creates a visual association for social media users.
  • And it is very important for big businesses so that people can identify their logo or products easily.


Hopefully, you have got information about DP Full Form and it’s meaning also some other information about it through this article. If you find my information correct then share it with your friends, family, cousins where ever you want just share it.

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