8 Best CDN Providers For WordPress Websites

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Top 8 Best CDN Providers For WordPress Websites To Speed Up: CDN (Content Delivery Network) which is server situated in the whole world. CDN providers have good speed and responsive data centers and provide hassle-free performance to the websites or blog users.

CDN is not less than a heaven for bloggers who have a website like in WordPress or any other CMS (Content Management System).

Are you looking for one of the best CDN providers to boost your WordPress website speed and make more responsive when a user visits your site?

Let’s find out which one is the best CDN service for WordPress website and what is CDN?

What is CDN?

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CDN service is built to increase any website speed and responsiveness. CDN stands for “Content Delivery Network”. If you are using any CDN service from the below list, what does that just do?

This would send the static content of your WordPress website to their virtual data centers. When a user visits your website CDN will automatically serve those cached data to the visitor browser. And your website loading speed will be increased.

CDN is a network of many geographically dispersed servers, which delivers your website cached static contents to the end-user according to his region location.

This is not a WordPress hosting in which you can create and leave your website as it is. You need a separate Hosting Provider in which you can develop & design your website. And this is called Origin Server and the servers of the CDN are called Distributed Servers.

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Best CDN Providers For WordPress Websites To Make More Faster

1. Stackpath

Best CDN Providers For WordPress Websites

Stackpath (Formerly MaxCDN) is the best CDN service in the global market for WordPress. They have fast SSD drives which spread across data centers around the world. You can easily integrate Stackpath with your website by using these WordPress cache plugins.

W3 Total Cache, WP Fastest Cache, WP Super Cache plugins have the option to easily set up StackPath CDN with your cache plugin. After integration, you can manage all of your CDN features from your WordPress dashboard and it has beginner-friendly control panel.

Some popular websites like WPBeginner are using Stackpath CDN service to make their website faster. It allows you to monitor your website real-time analytics. Also, it comes with more features like Intelligent caching system, 301 redirects, Gzip compression, and other interesting features.

Pricing: StackPath has more bundled service offers however, you can purchase their Only CDN service starting from 10$.

2. Sucuri

Best CDN Providers For WordPress Websites

Sucuri is mostly known for the best WordPress firewall and security defender monitoring plugin. Along with security, they provide a fast CDN service for WordPress websites. It has multiple caching options to maximize website speed and performance.

Also, they have the global distribution of servers and automatically caches your website statics contents. But their plans are too much costly than Stackpath. Obviously there will be so much money because they are giving such good service.

Pricing: Basic plan starts from $199.99 per year

3. Cloudflare

Best CDN Providers For WordPress Websites

Cloudflare is the most popular CDN service provider across the world. Small business to small bloggers and professional bloggers are using Cloudflare CDN service. Personally, I’m using Cloudflare CDN for my website kunukd.com. Cloudflare is the best CDN providers for WordPress websites

Cloudflare provides free SSL Certificate for any website, that’s why most of the bloggers don’t purchase any SSL for their websites. You can check out my website SSL certificate provided by Cloudflare.

It has the biggest Growing Global Network CDN Service and protecting 20 Million domains with its 194 Data Centers. Look at this image shown in the side these dots are the Cloudflare data centers.

Pricing: They provide a free account with basic CDN features and this is much good. And the pro plan starts from $20 per month.

4. KeyCDN

Best CDN Providers For WordPress Websites

KeyCDN another powerful and smart CDN service provider for the WordPress website. They have a simple plugin CDN Enabler to integrate with your WordPress site.

You can setup KeyCDN for your website so fast and easily, and the Let’s Encrypt integration makes SSL setup completely in an easy way.

There is the best part of KeyCDN plugin which has the “Purge CDN Zone Cache Option” right from your WordPress dashboard. That means you don’t need to go to their website and login then clear cache.

Pricing: Pay as you go starting from $0.04 per GB. Minimum $40 per year. If you use more data then the price will be increased.

5. Amazon CloudFront

Best CDN Providers For WordPress Websites

Amazon CloudFront one of the best CDN service provider from the list but, this is too much faster than you think. This is not built for beginners cause, it has advanced features only suitable for ‘Programmers’ or ‘Developers’.

The CloudFront network has 190 points of presence (PoPs). Use Amazon CDN to showcase your website speed and superior performance to your users. Do you know that the “Flipkart” is using Amazon CDN service to serve their images and static contents? Yes, it is.

You will be given up to 50GB data transfer usages in the free tier. Along with that, you will also be given 2,000,000 HTTP and HTTPS Requests.

Pricing: Pricing varies by location and offered on a pay-as-you-go basis.

6. Rackspace

Rackspace is well known for their hosting, cloud computing along with this they provide CDN service for Websites. I think that the setup process will be so complicated for the beginners comparing to other CDN providers.

Rackspace has CDN datacenters in some major cities including Dallas, London, Hong Kong, Sydney, and Virginia.

Also, It works well with WordPress websites and you can use this with some popular caching plugins. you just have to do a little bit more configuration.

The bad thing with Rackspace CDN I don’t like is that they don’t provide any DDoS protection at all. For DDoS protection, I’ll recommend using Stackpath or Cloudflare.

Pricing: Pay as you use, starting from $0.16 per GB.

7. Google Cloud CDN

Google Cloud CDN it feels like a premium brand, obviously cause it’s a Google service. When there is the name of Google we can not explain about the speed they provide to you.

You can get the SSL certificate with no additional cost to secure your WordPress website. It is an easy process to do in Google Cloud CDN configuration page.

Google Cloud CDN is globally distributed with its 90+ datacenters. It is always to be close to your website users, that means your users will get faster speed and better performance.

Pricing: Google Cloud CDN offers you $300 free trial credit to test their service over the next 12 months. Also, offers Affordable pricing plan and “Pay as you go”.

8. Imperva

Incapsula is now Imperva, a new popular WordPress CDN solution. It is very easy to set up and also works well with WordPress caching plugins.

They have Intelligent caching and Cache controls this technology helps to improve the cache utilization and reduce bandwidth consumption. And also they have common features like DDoS protection, real-time traffic monitoring & others.

Also, They have content & networking optimization this technique is used to minimize page rendering, file minification, static file compression, and accelerate the speed of serving static content to the user browser.

Pricing: They only provide service to business websites. pricing can only be determined after a discussion with their Sales Executive.

Which One Is The Best CDN Providers For WordPress Websites?

After reviewing those CDN services I think it’s good to go with StackPath. After gathering a lot of information personally I’ll recommend that StackPath is the best in the CDN market.

And the next highly recommended CDN service is Sucuri. Cause it’s popular for their security service and the best-having feature for WordPress is the higher-level security. Also, they give faster-loading speed experience and caching service.

Which CDN Providers You Use?

Personally, I use Cloudflare. If you do not have that much budget to buy a paid CDN service for your WordPress website. Or if you run a small website then I’ll recommend you to go for Cloudflare.


What is the best free CDN for WordPress?

Cloudflare is the best free CDN for WordPress. Cause it provides common CDN features at free of cost and beginner-friendly setup.

Which is best CDN for Woo-commerce website?

Sucuri & StackPath is the idle choice for Woocommerce website with huge traffic.

What is the benefit of using CDN on WordPress?

By using CDN it helps to decrease your origin server bandwidth cost and offload the resources on your hosting server.

Should I use a CDN?

Of course, if you want faster performance and lower latency on your website then this is the best reason to use a CDN. Because CDN provides some bundled features to increase your website speed.

If you are more interested in blogging then, we have a categorized section for blogging check out now.


We hope you like our effort in finding a fast and better CDN service for your WordPress website. If you want your website to be more attractive then read this Top 10 Ways To Make Your Blog More Attractive.

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