5 Genuine And Easy Ways To Make Money Online

5 Genuine And Easy Ways To Make Money Online

Hello everyone welcome to another interesting article. Here I talk about 5 Genuine And Easy Ways To Make Money Online. First of all, I would like to say that you can’t income a penny by sign up and leave these sites. You have to work for it and becoming an active user on it.

(1) UC News

5 Geniune And Easy Ways To Make Money Online

UC News is the largest news and blogging platform where you can write your own blogs and news for making a few money. Also, I used this platform for a few months and yes I got some money by spending an hour on this website. Once you have signed up to this website keep writing some articles when your articles are approved and your account got monetized then you are eligible to make money from this site. This site uses Google AdSense for making articles monetized however the payments are high from others.

How To Publish Post:

  1. Prepare For A Single Category
  2. Visit UC Web
  3. Sign Up For A New Account
  4. Then Fill The Required Form
  5. Submit Your Identity Data
  6. Wait For Approval Confirmation Mail
  7. After That Got To The Dashboard Section And Click Create A new Post
  8. Write Some Article
  9. Click On Check Plagiarism And Publish Them

After doing these steps UC News will send you your reward direct to your bank account. Please keep in mind don’t write any Plagiarized Articles, Harmful Content, Abusing Words if you then your account will be suspended.

(2) Upwork

5 Geniune And Easy Ways To Make Money Online

Upwork is an online freelancing company where you can hire someone or you can work for someone. When a client hires a freelancer they deposit all the money to Upwork then Upwork holds that money after the clients work done by the freelancer. Upwork give them money and takes 20% commission from that. If you submit your work to Upwork.

Yes, they earn a little bit from all freelancers job. What is Job? So, the Upwork post every single job from the client for the freelancers and they listed all the details of job and reward. On the starting, you get zero jobs. whenever you complete the skills and personal exams they will give you some basic jobs. After you get an expert in your skills you got more expensive jobs. All the process regarding sign up can be found in Upwork Help Center. Sign Up Here.

(3) Logo Designer (Fiverr.com)

5 Geniune And Easy Ways To Make Money Online

Logo Designing is a very competitive & saturated category. You have to work with a lot of patience. On the Fiverr, there are thousands of freelancer in this field. So stand out from the crowd by showing your creative side & expertise in the field. By showcase your logos on your gigs. And make your FAQ/About sections as clear and very decent type.

Utilize the PDF to display more of your work and have good communication with buyers. Treat them good and present your hard worked logo.

Note —

  • Don’t use any free template logos from Google or anywhere.
  • Showcase your multi-colored logos in the gigs.
  • Be professional and original.
  • Deliver your quality work on-time every time.
  • Your hard work will pay off in the end! and continuing your work.

(4) YouTube

5 Geniune And Easy Ways To Make Money Online

YouTube is a social video sharing community where creators upload their videos from all across the world. It’s a global platform you can also join and upload your own videos to it. After getting views and subscribers you are ready to monetize your channel. Let’s begin to how to create a channel on YouTube.

  1. Sign Up for Google Account
  2. Log in to YouTube
  3. Create Your Channel On Dashboard
  4. Add A Logo And Banner
  5. Setting A few Things On About Page
  6. Go To Dashboard, Click The Upload Icon On The Top
  7. Insert Your Own Video And Upload (Don’t use any copyrighted video)
  8. Edit Your Video Title And Descriptions. Add Tags According To Video
  9. Now Publish!

By following these steps, Upload videos daily or weekly and became an active user. According to YouTube Policies gain 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch time for monetization. Then apply for the YouTube Partner Program (YPP). Sign up for Adsense and wait for channel review confirmation mail. After getting reviewed set your Ads on your videos that’s it. Now can able to earn from ads that appear on your videos.

(5) Blogging

5 Geniune And Easy Ways To Make Money Online

Let’s walk you through the process of “How To Make Money From Blogging”. On the web, there are some cool platforms for writing and sharing your articles around the web. But in this case, I prefer two of the platform. (1) WordPress (2) Blogger.

So on this page, I say that you go for the Blogger. Blogger is a part of Google that all your content is hosted on Google. And you don’t have to do anything Ok, the basic steps that I see most bloggers who make a living from blogging is on the blogger. Here is how you can start with Blogging. Also, keep in mind if you don’t have some basic knowledge of becoming a blogger so I request to don’t chose as it a full-time career.

  1. Go To The Blogger
  2. Sign In With Your Google Account
  3. Create A Blog. Chose A Decent Template
  4. Write Some Articles. Qualify For Google Adsense
  5. Monetize Your Blog

Following these steps will be 100% help you. These are the real 5 Genuine And Easy Ways To Make Money Online

If you find my article useful, please share with your friends and family. Thanks for spending your valuable time and reading our article to the end

Cheers —Kunu KD

By Editorial staff

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