30 Interesting WhatsApp Facts You Need To Know

30 Interesting WhatsApp Facts You Need To Know

Hey, welcome to another blog post. Today we gonna to talk about 30 interesting WhatsApp Facts you need to know. First of all how a big company is WhatsApp like Facebook and Twitter but there is a doubt in mind how the WhatsApp was started.

TheStory About Whatsapp CEO

30 Interesting WhatsApp Facts You Need To Know
The CEO Of Whatsapp

Let’s get the start. The Jan Koum is a Ukrainian American entrepreneur and computer programmer. He is the co-founder and was the CEO of WhatsApp company. Now the story is two of the friend who had left the job and they think that this is not enough and they try to do something new.

Both of them decided to join the job again cause they have no idea. However, they did not give up their hopes of separation. After this, he did some experiments and he saw that his work becomes so popular. Suddenly the market price was billions of dollars and the popular brand like Facebook had to send a proposal to buy it.

Here is the talk of WhatsApp. Which has been created by two awesome friends Jan Koum and Brian Acton. Did you guys get that? Ok so let’s talk about the unspecified features and 30 interesting things about WhatsApp also we have some amazing “Facts” about this cool app.

These Are The 30 Interesting Facts To Know About WhatsApp.

  1. There are many persons on your WhatsApp contact will block you in sometimes. But here is a thing that you can apply. If anyone blocked you then add the person to any of a group that you are in. And he/she would not be possible to block you.
  2. Peoples are anytime taking a selfie to spread their expressions. And they uploaded to the internet and WhatsApp is responsible for the 28% of selfies drawn on the internet.
  3. You guys are know how big is NASA. but one-year earnings of WhatsApp is bigger than the NASA’s budget.
  4. In January 2012, Whatsapp was removed from the iOS store without informing it. But iOS added it after 4 days on their store.
  5. If you can’t see anybody’s profile picture on WhatsApp then here are two reasons. Maybe the person blocked you or he makes his profile picture private.
  6. In 2014 valentine day Facebook bought WhatsApp for $1182 billion dollars. after all, It’s a big deal for any company
  7. Global telecom companies have lost $400 billions of dollars due to WhatsApp and Skype.
  8. WhatsApp has not been rapidly developed by a company in the history.
  9. Some Russian friends of CEO Koum have tried WhatsApp for the first time on their phone.
  10. You should be surprised to know that Jan Koum who made WhatsApp used to work in cleaning and moping in a shop. but today he is a billionaire.
  11. Jan Koum CEO of WhatsApp was born in Kiev, Ukraine. a small village in Kiev. His family was so poor that there was no electricity in their house.
  12. Whatsapp founders “Jan Koum” and “Brian Acton” had applied for a job on Facebook. But they were rejected.
  13. There are more than 150+ millions of groups in WhatsApp, Of which 1-5 will be yours too.
  14. Whatsapp monthly active users are more than 100 million. which are more than from facebook messenger.
  15. Here is an interesting thing we can use WhatsApp in 53 different languages.
  16. 25 millions of videos are sent over WhatsApp on a daily basis.
  17. Over 150+ millions of photos are shared on WhatsApp every day.
  18. 5000+ million messages are sent every day on WhatsApp.
  19. There are 55 engineers in the WhatsApp team and an engineer handless 18 million users. Those are the highest qualified engineers.
  20. WhatsApp works on “No Ads” Policy. They don’t put any advertisement on their official app. Till now anyone never saw a single advertisement on WhatsApp they do like an official app.
  21. Whatsapp is the fifth most downloaded application in the entire world.
  22. Most users of Whatsapp are from India.
  23. WhatsApp never spent a single penny on advertising till date. Despite this, the WhatsApp is such a hit.
  24. Why WhatsApp name choose like Whats up because it sounds like what’s up.
  25. Whats founders “Jan Koum” and“Brian Acton” made WhatsApp in 2009 and launched in 2010.
  26. Now there is a clone app like WhatsApp. Which is GB Whatsapp it completely works like WhatsApp. But there are many tweaks and customizations that you can use to trap anyone.
  27. In 2018 20millions of senior people added to WhatsApp users lits. All users are from 50 to 65 age.
  28. On January 21, 2015, WhatsApp launched their masterpiece plan which is Whatsapp Web.
  29. In WhatsApp web, you can read anyone WhatsApp messages. All you need to do just get the victims phone and go to WhatsApp web page on the desktop and simply scan a QR Code that’s it. now you can use your friends WhatsApp from your PC.
  30. Whatsapp uses Erlang Programmings to operate their database.

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