#1 Best Caching Plugin To Boost Your WordPress Speed

#1 Best Caching Plugin To Boost Your WordPress Speed

Looking for a caching plugin to speed up your website like fire. Then you find a right article that is really helpful for your website. But before I explain the use of this plugin remember that is a paid version plugin, If you have enough money to buy this plugin you can continue either you can exit this page.

Follow these steps of #1 Best Caching Plugin To Boost Your WordPress Speed to speed up your website too.

In this article, we will share the best ideas and knowledge to speed up your WordPress website. Yeah! only WordPress website because this plugin can only be installed in WordPress and you can’t find this in WordPress repository. So the plugin is WP Rocket—(Not Sponserd)

We will talk it about later but now let’s have some ideas about fundamental things for speeding up a website. And how it works?

What Is Caching?

#1 Best Caching Plugin To Boost Your WordPress Speed

A Computer creates the website static content like— Javascript, CSS, HTML, and Images. And stores it on a speed cachable server, when a browser request these files to load a website it serves these contents from the speed server to your browsers.

Cache will be stored in a temporary disk or memory you can clean this memory to fetch a new version of your website.

The same process of caching is used on WordPress to load a website more quick and fast as possible. The cache will also help when a visitor wants to visit your website while offline.

Caching allow to skip a lots of processing of WordPress. Instead of generating a whole page every time you refresh and makes load on your origin server. After using this plugin it makes a copy of your website after first load and stores on your browser local cache, and then serves that cached version f your website to every user.

WP Rocket

#1 Best Caching Plugin To Boost Your WordPress Speed

WP Rocket is the most used paid plugin by the web developers. It is very helpful for a beginner, easiest interface and automatically detect and turn on the recommended settings. If you don’t know the technical terms to set the cache manually.

The crawler and bots of WP Rocket instantly fetch your web-page to build the cache with one-click. And turn on the recommended settings like— Auto clear cache, CDN Integration, Lazy load, Minifying static contents,

For further improvement of performance turn these on— Page cache, DNS pre-fetching, Gzip compression, Cache pre-load.

Features Of WP Rocket

  • Quick Setup.
  • Page Caching.
  • Sitemap Pre-loading.
  • Gzip Compression.
  • Browser Caching.
  • Database Optimization.
  • Remove Query Strings from Static Resources.
  • Lazyload.
  • Minification / Concatenation.
  • Defer JS loading.
  • CDN & Cloudflare Compatibility.
  • DNS Prefetching.
  • Mobile Detection.
  • E-commerce Friendly & Developer Friendly.

Why Caching Is Always Important?

Caching is always important because it reduce the load from your origin server and loads more faster your site. A faster website can be successfully rank on search engines and improve the user experience.

Recently Google posted that faster websites and has proper SEO can be rank higher in search result. And drive more organic traffic to your website, that’s why you should always use a better caching plugin to improve your speed and SEO score on internet.

We hope our article helps you to find a better WordPress caching and speeding up plugin. You can also check this out — How To Make A Website In WordPress For Beginners.

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